The Story of a Pious Priest and the Angel Who Served with Him in the Altar

“There once lived a most devout priest; (this incident was narrated to me by the blessed departed Gerontas (Spiritual Elder) Gabriel, who for a great period of time was the Abbott at the Holy Monastery of Dionysios on Mount Athos). Even though he barely knew how to read and write, he was a priest, a clergyman of strong faith, great virtue and of many spiritual struggles. He used to stand up-right for hours during the Proskomedia, despite the fact that the veins of his feet had been affected and were hemorrhaging. There were times when one could see the blood running down since he was standing up-right commemorating the names of numerous people. He was a man of sacrifice to his last breath; in fact, his soul departed just after the Divine Liturgy.


As he barely knew how to read and write, by some misundertsanding he did not place the portions on the Holy Diskos properly.


When we place the portion of the All-Holy (Panagia) Theotokos on top of the Holy Diskos, we say: “The queen stood at thy right hand…” The gerontas priest was under the impression that, since he said “at thy right hand”, the portion of the All-Holy (Panagia) Mother of God must be placed on the right side of the Lamb (as he was looking at the Holy Diskos); in other words, he was placing the portions backwards.



Once a hierarch visited the Holy Monastery for the ordination of a deacon. During the Pslams of Praise when the hierarch enters the Holy Altar, he vests, then later goes to the Proskomedia, which has already been prepared up to a certain point, from then on he alone, is the first one to continue commemorating. Thus, the archpriest noticed that the portions had been placed backwards by the priest.


-You did not place the pieces properly, father, he told him. Father, come here for a minute. The All-Holy (Panagia) Theotokos is placed over here and the Orders are placed over there. Hasn’t anyone told you, hasn’t anyone seen how you do the Proskomedia?


-Certainly, Your Emminence replied the geronta Priest. Every day, when I celebrate (for a day did not go by unless he celebrated the Divine Liturgy), the Angel who serves me sees what I am doing but does not tell me anything at all. I apologize, illiterate as I am, for making such a mistake; I will be careful from now on.


-Who did you say? Who did you say serves you here? Asked the bishop. Isn’t he a monk who serves you?


-No, answered the priest, an Angel of the Lord.Thebishop fell silent, what could he have said, anyway?! He was astonished and certainly realized that a holy priest was standing before him.


At noon, following the meal in the Trapeza (refectory of a monastery or parish community), the bishop said goodbye to the Abbott as well as the rest of the monks, and departed.


The following day, as it was still night, when the geronta Priest went to the Holy Altar in order to hold the Proskomedia the Angel of the Lord came down. During the act of breaking the Lamb, the Angel noticed that the priest had placed the portions properly.


-Fine, he told him, father! Now you have placed them properly!


-Yes, you knew the mistake I used to make for so many years! And why didn’t you tell me anything, why didn’t you correct me? He asked.


-I could see it, but I do not have the right to tell you anything. I am not worthy to correct a priest. God, the Angel continued, commands me to serve the priest. Only the bishop has the right to correct you!”


Source- Protopresbyter Stephanos K Anagnostopoulos"Experiences During the Divine Liturgy"